The FEBIO TV project was developed by a small group of "founding fathers" in April and May 2004. It should be mentioned that one woman was in the group of the "founding fathers" as well …    

At that time, film director and television producer Fero Fenič was still thinking rather about making his third full-length film, but his friends got him to consider television broadcasting - a television station that would follow up on the success of his independent FEBIO film and television studio and Prague’s biggest film festival, FEBIOFEST, and which would become an attractive alternative to the commercial television environment.

The digitization of television broadcasting is arriving and there are only two full-format commercial  free  TV   stations on the Czech market (TV Nova and TV Prima) – this fact strongly calls for other competitive offers.

When the Council for Radio and Television Broadcasting of the Czech Republic announced on June 1, 2004, that it would start license proceedings for digital television operations supported by terrestrial transmitters (DVB-T) in fall 2004, Fenič was already prepared. 

With the intent to start his own television station, he founded Televize Febio, LLC on August 26, 2004. It entered license proceedings in December 2004 with a sufficiently elaborate and adequately processed project. 

The license proceedings lasted until early April, 2006. 

The Council members were introduced to the FEBIO TV project at both public and closed meetings by Fenič, Petr Sládeček, Tomáš Klvaňa, and Karel Štefulík, who represented the investment manager and the main project investor, Arca Capital Bohemia, Inc.  

Almost after a year and a half after filing an application for license proceedings, on April 4, 2006, to be precise, the representatives of FEBIO TV were able to celebrate. On that day, the Council for Radio and Television Broadcasting officially announced that Televize Febio, LLC and five other applicants had been awarded digital television broadcasting licenses.

Is it a historical coincidence or a sign of destiny?

The point is that the Febio film and television company, which became a star on the Czech audiovisual market (producing approximately 1,200 programs) introduced itself to the public for the first time exactly fourteen years ago, on the same date – April 4 …