FEBIO TV will be a full-format television with nationwide coverage.  What does this mean?

Nationwide coverage:
More than seventy percent of the citizens of the Czech Republic will be able to watch FEBIO TV – provided that they buy the box to put on the TV; it’s called a set-top box.

The program will contain regular news, current  affairs, documentaries, movies, entertainment – simply all types of programs for everybody, not only for viewers interested only in a single type of program, a single topic.

FEBIO TV is another activity from film and TV producer (as well as director) Fero Fenič. After building a successful independent studio (FEBIO) and the largest international non-competitive film festival in Central and Eastern Europe (FEBIOFEST), the most difficult task of all is right here: TV broadcasting itself …
As the saying goes: The third time is – hopefully – a charm.

We’re confident that with the entry of a surface digital television, room for another full-format commercial station with full coverage is available on the market. A station that would be smaller, livelier, more distinct, and targeted to the economically strongest social group of citizens aged approximately 15 – 55. We would like to see FEBIO TV become that station.

FEBIO TV will focus mainly on merging program quality with success among viewers and operational efficiency in order to make sure our television station enriches human lives without hurting the investment interest of its owners.

Merging what seemingly can’t merge – cultural ambitions with attractiveness to viewers and overall broadcasting profitability – this is the intention and a goal defined by FEBIO TV with a certain amount of courage.

Merging what can’t merge has been successful so far not only at the foundation and successful existence of the Febio studio, but also in the majority of television programs produced by Febio. Success was also achieved at one quite unique “Post Velvet” cultural event - the FEBIOFEST international film festival. There is, therefore, a certain chance that television broadcasting will be successful as well.
Future television viewers, please wish us luck.
We’ll need it!