If you are interested in any form of work for FEBIO TV (internal or external), please send us your resume on:


Please do not forget to state on which position are you applying!

Your interest will make us happy  and we will not  disseminate your personal information.
We guarantee confidentiality to all applicants. 
We will handle sensitive information in accordance with Act No. 101 / 2000 Coll. on Personal Data Protection.

We are building a TV station from scratch. 
All steps take place gradually.
Therefore, some job opportunities will be open starting in late fall at the earliest, others from the beginning of the next year, and still others possibly from the date of the first broadcast (March 2007).    
However, please, keep in mind that we do not have an HR department - individual managers will select coworkers by themselves.
We do not have a PR department either; we  are a small, low-budget station.
Therefore, please do  not request personal contact information or an answer.
It is  beyond our capabilities at this point.

We  will send a reply to selected applicants only.  
We would like to apologize to those whose offers we won?t be able to use.

When you help our station succeed with your interest in it ? other opportunities to enlarge our team may be created.