In 2001 the European Union issued the Green Book dealing with the theme of the  corporate social responsibility . This theme was also handled by the UN, which began the Global Compact initiative, the aim of which is to influence firms so that they observe the principles of responsible behaviour in connection with human rights, the environment, employees and ethical enterprise.

FEBIO TV wants to be a television station that will uphold the strictest ethical principles. Its just and non-discriminative standards of behaviour to the public and to media or trade partners, observance of democratic principles and respect for the plurality of opinions will benefit society and the good of humanity.

With this credibility, decency and solidity FEBIO TV will try to win natural authority on the Czech television market.

FEBIO TV thus wishes to be, after Czech Television and TV Prima, the third domestic television station to present its public code of conduct.

In its creation it will start off from the best practice of existing codes of conduct and further self-regulation documents from the environment of acknowledged domestic and foreign television stations, journalistic and advertising institutions.