FEBIO TV wants to be a commercial cultural station.

What does that mean? Will it broadcast paid programs on culture? No, of course not …

We believe that commercial television means television that’s communicative and watched. Our goal is to always consider you, the viewers, because only your interest justifies our existence. 

      We believe that being cultural means being active: to develop permanent care and effort, to be purposefully interested in everything around us in which we see quality. Our goal is record that quality, to display it, and to bring it to others … to simply spread, nurture and develop it …  

     FEBIO TV wishes to be television that’s small, energetic, innovative, creative, adventurous, bright, surprising, brave, playful, and cheerful.

Our program will derive from current world trends; however, our resulting concept will be original. 

FEBIO TV will broadcast serious news, live contact current  affairs  programs, lifestyle programs, documentaries, reality show type programs, quality movies and series, and programs for minorities in the broad meaning of the word. We wish to contribute to the variety of television programs in our country, to offer you, our viewers, an alternative program menu.

You will, therefore, find all genres in our program structure: from sitcoms to talk shows, travel films to entertainment programs.

We will pay special attention to those areas and topics FEBIO finds to be traditional and best and in which it has already achieved numerous successes (or has even been a pioneer; for example, our first investigative documentaries in the “OKO" [EYE] series, or the first Czech political/social satire, “Česká soda” [Czech Soda]):

  • Issues of minorities (national, ethnic, and other minorities)
  • Film and television production with artistic ambitions even in those areas that don’t reach TV screens frequently enough these days (for example, Central and Eastern Europe)
  • Alternative humor and entertainment
  • Life quality programs, which are able to appreciate all the good offered in our time
  • Documentary programs on persons (either individuals behind the camera or in front of it), portraits, travel films …
  • Interactive contact with viewers


We want to start broadcasting in March 2007. 

We will begin with sixteen hours of broadcasting a day, with the primary focus on key  time  slots. 

If you, our viewers, quickly purchase digital set-top boxes allowing you to watch our station, we will further improve our programs and proceed towards continuous broadcasting twenty-four hours a day.